Developer Internships

Yes, what we do is slightly ironic. Our aim is to lure people away from their screens and reconnect them to nature. Our aim is to push people to have their batteries charged by taking the time to take care of plants. And one of the main ways we do that: our app, that teaches them about plant care.

Also ironic, while encouraging people to step away from their tablet and go out and smell the flowers, we spend a lot of time behind screens to make that possible.

So we’re looking for intern developers (front and back) that:

  • love a bit of irony
  • love plants or think they could develop a soft spot for them (pun intended)
  • enjoy improving the way people get educated through technology
  • love making the internal workflow for the entire team more efficient, so everybody has more time left to go out and enjoy nature (or do more work)

And now for a list of technologies/concepts: react/-native, scss, webpack, rest, golang, micro-services, ansible, continuous deployment and maybe a test (or two (or three)). 

We love guiding you in learning these cool things but you will need to bring your thinking-cap and know at least the basic programming paradigms.

And since we are building our product and business we have many big ideas but we are excited to hear your big ideas too. This means we are open to facilitating your graduation assignment, or we can come up with some interesting and fun things for you to do.

So exciting! Are you curious?


Prinsengracht 436, Amsterdam